Load input data-series

User loads a file containing a data-series as input for a relevant parameter and is able to quickly visualize the data.



Name of the parameter which would be displayed close to the input field

Input field

Actions index: 1

Requirements index:

Input Unit

Unit of the input parameter

Actions index: 1

Requirements index: 2

Load File button

Actions index: 2

Requirements index:

Visualize Data button

Actions index: 3

Requirements index:

Boolean Mandatory Input

If true, the parameter must be defined by the user

Requirements index: 3, 4


  1. User can directly provide the path of the file to be loaded as text in the text field

  2. Clicking on Load File button will open a pop-up window (link the vc (TBD) link here)

  3. Clicking on the Visualize Data button will open a pop-up window with a table and plot of the data-series Visualize data-series

  4. User can choose unit amongst a list of generic units, or input it by typing it in. (this is known as an editable combo box)


  1. All parameters that require a data-series must be given input through this view-component

  2. The physical units which are commonly used for energy and power should be available there (then converted internally to Joule and Watt)

  3. For mandatory input fields, the fields must be denoted by an asterisk adjacent to the field

  4. If the user does not provide input for a mandatory field and tries to proceed further, the field should be highlighted so as to alert the user

  5. The Load File and Visualize Data buttons should be present adjacent to the Input Field

Rendering of the view-component