Welcome page

This view-component is an introduction for the first-time users. It describes what they can expect from the tool.


Welcome message
  • A text

Video intro message
  • A short, 3 minute video clip that provides the important information such as tool features, capabilities, where to find help, etc., very briefly.

  • This clip is embedded into the welcome pop-up. The user can view it on YouTube (or Vimeo) on a separate tab of the browser by clicking on a link on the video.

List of Hyperlinks

Clickable links to read more, documentation, examples, use-cases, video tutorials, code-base (GitHub repo) and contact us.

Action index: 1

Check-box: do not show again

Disable/enable the display of the welcome view-component when tool is started.

  • id cb_welcome_show_again

  • unticked by default

Action index: 2


  1. Clicking on the hyperlinks will open the respective topic in separate tabs of the browser.

  2. Checking the Do not show again check-box would disable the display of this view component everytime the software is launched.

  3. The user can close the welcome window by clicking the X button in the top right corner.


  1. By default, the welcome view-component should be displayed to the user everytime the software is started.

  2. If the user ticks the check-box Do not show again, the welcome view-component should not appear to the user during any subsequent launch of the tool.

Rendering of the view-component

This view-component could be either a popup on top of the landing-view, widget in the landing view or a view on its own.

The welcome message should be centered and not contain very long text, but rather bullet points with links to more detailed documentation. The video should be placed on the top left of the view-component and start automatically without the sound.

Below the welcome message the hyperlinks could be listed and centered.

The Do not show again check-box can be displayed on the bottom of the view-component (bottom-left?) with larger fontsize such that the user cannot miss it. It should be unticked by default.